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Project History

The Project started in December 2018 with the pilot project Code for All Sintra, in the area of programming, and the goal was to bring young people, NEETs, from Sintra closer to the digital universe and the job market.

In Portugal there is a great demand for qualified human resources in the programming area and recently the opportunity to enter the programming market has been emerging through the participation and completion of coding bootcamps.

During the pilot project, 20 young people from age 18 to 29, were received to improve their English, soft skills and to participate in coding bootcamps, both at the initiation and the intensive level. The program ensured a thorough professional preparation and 80% of the young people entered the labor market successfully.

In 2021 we will continue the project by starting Bytes4Future for all young people, also NEETs, who want to UPskill in the technological area!

Time Chart of the Code For All_Sintra and Bytes4Future projects.
young people Not in Education, Employment, or Training.
Coding Bootcamps
intensive training programs designed to teach programming skills and problem-solving skills in a short period of time.
Soft Skills
non-technical skills that are related to personality, behavior and how you work.



Acceleration Program. The PowerUp program is essential to continue to the Advanced Program.

Duration:7 weeks

Workload:4 hours per day

Goal:Development of digital and artistic solutions

Multimedia Image and audiovisual communicationMultimedia Image and audiovisual communication
Introduction to programmingIntroduction to programming
Soft SkillsSoft Skills
Preparation for the labor marketPreparation for the labor market

Advanced Program

Duration:10 weeks

Workload:8 hours per day

Goal:Junior FullStack Developer

Front-end development HTML, CSS and JavaScript + ReactFront-end development HTML, CSS and JavaScript + React
Back-end development MongoDB and JavaScript + NodeJSBack-end development MongoDB and JavaScript + NodeJS
Entrepreneurship WorkshopsEntrepreneurship Workshops
Soft SkillsSoft Skills
Preparation for the labor marketPreparation for the labor market
event where programmers get together for hours/days/weeks to brainstorm ideas and develop projects.

Success Stories


Who is the program for?

To all who want to enter the digital universe!

Where will the location of the programs be?

The location of Bytes4Future will be in Mira-Sintra.

Cost of the programs

Both programs are 100% free!

Necessary requirements to apply

You need to know how to use a computer, be between 18 and 29 years old, not working or studying and live in Sintra.

Minimum educational level to apply

There is no minimum education level to apply! We need creative, committed and ambitious people!

Experience in the digital world

You don’t need to have experience in multimedia or programming, just willingness to learn!

Do I need to know Portuguese?

You must have a basic knowledge of Portuguese to be able to participate.


We provide all the equipment throughout the programs!

If you prefer to use yours, you can bring it along.

How can I apply?

Just click on the apply button and you will be able to start your application.

How will the recruitment selection be?

You will be invited to participate in a meeting to get to know the project and the team.

Like this, we can make an assessment of your profile by knowing you in person!

How do I know I was selected?

If you are selected, we will contact you by email, sms or Whatsapp, you choose!

Program Dates

The groups will be formed by the date of submission of the application.

Apply now and avoid the waiting list!

Job Placement

After completing the program, you can count on our help to enter the labour market.

Then, getting the job is up to you!

Other questions

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!